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Apr. 30th, 2011

Spain/Romano: Forever ♥

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Historical photos - Ancestors

Mar. 12th, 2011

Spain/Romano: Forever ♥

Tribute to dear Hetalia

I made a video!
Just a little tribute to one of the most supporting fandoms I've ever known!

Sep. 6th, 2010

Spain/Romano: Forever ♥

8| pfft; raaage

Pft, what's there to say?
Appearently all shitty guys are there are shitty.
Thanks to some of my, let's now say, ex guy-friends, I'm being bashed, mocked and threaten like never before.
Small shitty 15 year old girls, calling me whore, bitch, cow, keep calling me, won't leave me alone; ... fair enough, I'm no saint.
;: but then they start bashing my parents, saying my mother is a fucking whore and that I should blow my father?!
Gosh, wtf is this world? Couldn't everything just fuck off and die?

Fair enough that the girls calls me things, but WTF!? Bring my parents into such kind of things?
God, and all thanks to some guys who used to be my friends, god!!
I've never been this angry in my entire life !!


Jul. 30th, 2010

Spain/Romano: Forever ♥

Kuroshitsuji; FLAILING <3

I'm not even gonna say much about episode 5 of Kuroshitsuji II .
So much fanservice, so much plot, so much love ; gawd I love it!
Hottest episode evaaarrr 8D Especially one certain scene. Hnnng!

Jul. 29th, 2010

Spain/Romano: Forever ♥

IS IT THUESDAY YET/ Kuro-fangirling CB

I'm so excited for the new Kuroshitsuji episode.
I'm so seriously hoping for some good Alois/Ciel crack. :'D Cuz it's prettyyy ~~
Of course, some Sebby/Ciel & Alois/Claude wouldn't hurt either, not at all.
hgahs;asja AND ALOIS IN DRESS, DO WANT! 8D <3

Gah, I do also hope that chapter 81(translated) of Ouran is out soon.
Now that I know what's happening, I just can't wait. I'm dyyying hereee. D:

Jul. 24th, 2010

Spain/Romano: Forever ♥

Warning ; Emo tiem!


Gaah, does anyone else ever get that feeling that you just wanna leave everything and go somewhere else and start over?
Man, do I have that feeling right now. -__-'
Every guy in my life just seem too.. either immature or simply too stupid.

I wanna go to the beautiful Japan, enjoy the nature, try something different, go shopping till I drop and of course go to Seiyuu conventions and stalk Ono Daisuke and marry him forever, since he owns my heart so much ;; <3
God, I love him.

Spain/Romano: Forever ♥

Needy fangirl ; Alooois! + Complain!

I freaking love Alois Trancy, wtf?!
kjakaj;aajdp <3
He's like so sexy, those legs, mh.
... oh well.
bitchybitchyness coming;

God, I seriously just don't get why the hell there has to be this damn "war" between the Phantomhive mansion and the Trancy mansion. ?
I mean, what the hell is the point? Where is it heading? Why do people hate the new characters so much after ONE freaking episode?

Pfft, get a grip, I mean.. like hell I'm ever gonna be like "OH YAH TEAM PHANTOMHIVE",  blah blah.
I do love Sebby and Ciel a bit more, but that doesn't mean I'm on their side, cuz seriously, Alois has won my heart too and he has only appeared in one single episode.
I love all the darn characters, Sebby, Ciel, Alois, Claude.. They're all so effing amazing!
I think some rapid fangirls needs to have a more open mind and just be happy that Sebastian and Ciel are even in this season.

God, it's like 4 in the morning here, I should head to bed. :U

Jul. 15th, 2010

Spain/Romano: Forever ♥

Fangirling ; Kuroshitsuji II epi. 3 *SPOILERS*

So I just watched Kuroshitsuji II episode 3!
And Undertaker is theere too, I was so happy about that! :D
Sebastian is a neko-baka? Lol, I laughed. xD I absolutely adore his kitty fetish! Since I'm a cat person myself, so that was just a total fangasm! And he licked his finger.. ? Gawd.. that was just..HNNG!
AND OMG, CIEL LAUGHING? That was just hawt. x3 He is just such a darling, I love him. <3

Ugly fat lady was BEYOND annoying, geez! Get lost from the sexah!

I see a Claude.. which is awesome, cuz then there HAS to be Alois too and I'm so missing that psycho bitch! <33
I seriously regret getting so angry about the new characters before knowing them, cuz my.. Alois is already one of my favorites.
He's so sick, slutty and darn sexy!! <33 :')
Can't wait to see more of him.

Jul. 5th, 2010

Spain/Romano: Forever ♥

First officially post? Kuroshitsuji II <3

I never post.
I don't know why?
Maybe I'm shy, maybe I wasn't sure how to?
Maybe it's the language barrier, since I'm Danish.

Oh well!
So right now I'm like so much fangirling about Kuroshitsuji II and especially the ending song.
I can't even.. the song is just so gorgeous!

Oh and Alois?
Oh damn, is he a fabulous slut or what? 8D
Yes, he is!
Claude? Hmm, I'm not so sure about him yet. I do love Sakurai Takahiro-sama, though.

Highlight of the episode were still Sebastian and Ciel. :'D !!
Can't wait till Thuesday to get some more.

Dec. 3rd, 2008

Spain/Romano: Forever ♥

First post ever ! (Plus Icons)

Hiya, I'm Simone, but please call me Mony.
Finally I got together and posted for the very first time, with some fandom icons.
It's my first bunch, so it may not be the most beautiful icons, but I'm proud of some of them.

[Kyou Kara Maou ; 9]
[Shugo Chara ; 5]
[Code Geass ; 5] Click Here ! :DCollapse )</span></div>

Follow the cut to icooons :DCollapse )

~Shugo Chara~

~Code Geass~